Cutting Plotter SIGN KEY 220H

Cutting Plotter SIGN KEY 220H

  • AAS (Accurate Allignment System): Operator may simply put the sensor close to the fi rst mark and it will read all the marks all by itself, which is much faster and more convenient then the other systems which seem similar to our system
  • Bluetooth technology is applied to transfer working fi les and operate, cable transfer is no longer needed
  • Available with USB2.0 port and U Flash disk, completely offl ine cutting
  • Accurate subdivided processor with 32 bit CPU, 2M memory
  • The Japan imported new micro-control technology, Intel DSP controller, Japan high-precision steel axes & 64 sub-divide motor, just with 48dp low working-noise.
  • Up to 1000mm (39”) per second cutting speed, especially for Y axis 2020mm (46”) per second media-sending max speed.
  • Up to 0.0191mm/step (0.00073”) mechanical resolution ( DSP), 0.127MM (0.00049”) repeating resolution ensure high precision output.
  • Up to 800 gram cutting force for making sure any media cut- ting.
  • Up to max 0.8mm (0.0315”) thickness media cutting.
  • Guaranteed 10 meter tracking with high precision.
  • Newest data transmission interface: USB or U Flash
  • Support Adobe Illustrator, Core DRAW and Flexi Sign output directly, easily and stably.
  • Infrared Position, Contour Cutting Function, provide auto de- tect precision positioning contour cutting.
  • Can easily cut Advertising Refl ective Film, vinyl hard paper, etc.
Item SK720 SK850SK1100 SK1350
Max. paper feeding width720mm 850mm 1100mm 1350mm
Max. cutting width 630mm 750mm 1000mm 1250mm
Max cutting Speed Whole cutting: 1000mm/s, Y axis max cutting: 2020mm/s
Knife pressure10~800g
Memory 512k, Possible to be enlarge to 8M
Mechanical resolution 0.0191mm/step (0.00073” )
Repeating precision 0.127mm (0.00049”)
Interface RS-232 USB, or U Flash Memory
Language format DM/PL/HPGL
Power supply AC160V~240V 50~60HZ
Driving system DSP 64 Sub-divide High precision motor
Working Environment
Working Environment Humidity 5%~95% no coagulate water
LED The LED display with backside Chinese & English
Infrared Positioning Contour Cutting Function ( Optional function)
Packing Size 1120*386*330mm 1250*386*330mm 1550*386*330mm 1750*386*330mm

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